Flower garden ideas in front of the house

The front yard has the potential to either leave a good or a bad impression on guests/neighbors depending on how you tend to it. Being the first part of your home that welcomes guests, it is important to ensure you have a jaw-dropping yard that will leave them green with envy.

Decorating and maintaining a front yard is not a tedious and pricey task. You will be surprised to find out that some of the old items you have at home could come in handy for your flower garden. 

There are, however, some rules that you might need to abide by before you create your floral garden. For instance, ensure you have a planned out map of the space and size of the garden. Know the exact place you want the garden to stand and ensure it does not collide with the walkways. This way, your pets, visitors and the house inhabitants will not trample on the flowers. 

Here are some simple ideas to make your front yard phenomenal.

Hang flower pots on your front porch

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 1 - Garden Decor

By extension, your front porch is part of your front yard. Hanging the flower pots on the upper porch rails is a good idea as the yard will look bigger than it is. If you are not a fan of dangling flowers, you can place large pots filled with flowers in your front porch either below the staircase or just after the staircase. If your front porch windows have spacious window sills, go the extra mile and add window boxes filled with marigolds, roses, daisies, and lantanas.

Make your flower bed around trees

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 3 - Garden Decor

If you have a couple of trees planted in the yard, it is a good idea to circle them flowers. This way, you are creating the impression of a flower garden while making room for more space that can be used for other front yard decorations like benches and fountains. Additionally, this pattern makes the general landscape of the yard look neater. Remember to arrange the flowers in a circular and color-coordinated motion. You do not want your yard looking like you only plant funeral flowers.

Have soft lighting for the flower bed borders

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 5 - Garden Decor

This set up comes to full glow at night or early mornings before the sun rises. The soft light gives just enough glow to the flower garden, setting the mood. It might play a very vital decorative role when hosting a party in the front yard in the evening.

Get a unique planter that stands out

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 7 - Garden Decor

Some household items might not be in use but could be great planters. Grab your old wheelbarrow, a worn-out bicycle, an old 2CV car or a wagon. Place the planter strategically on the front lawn where the flower garden lies and fill it with flowers. This gives the garden a break from the low-planted garden while adding a fun and playful touch.

Make the border of the flower garden with evergreen shrubs

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 9 - Garden Decor

In the middle of the garden, plant your favorite flowers. The green border brings a level of neatness and order even when the flowers in the middle have different bright colors. Alternatively, border the garden with planter pots. For a more creative look, let the borders have a meandering effect. The plot borders on the meandering design give the lawn a somewhat sophisticated look.

Go flashy with the flower colors

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 11 - Garden Decor

There is nothing wrong with playing around with your favorite colors when it comes to the flower garden. Mix and match the red, yellow, pink and white roses. You can even go a notch higher and add the blue scorpion grasses. Just make sure the lawn is well trimmed and maintained so that the flowers are the center of attention. 

Have monotone colored flowers

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 13 - Garden Decor

If you are the more conservative and laid back type and like your front yard looking simple, you can go for flowers with one color. You can opt to plant nothing but white roses or rich purple orchids. While there is the fear of the garden looking plain, the truth is the garden will look more simple. Just remember that at the end of the day, less is more. This applies to the garden too.

Have a low waterfall right in the middle of the flower garden

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 15 - Garden Decor

Nothing screams serene like a lovely waterfall surrounded by all the vibrant flowers. Waterfalls are known to have a calming effect on any environment and making them part of a flower garden. If you yearn for a deeper connection with nature, you can go as far as installing a birdbath.

Play around with rocks and decorative boulders

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 17 - Garden Decor

You can paint the rocks in different colors and place them around the flower garden to act as a border. The rocks will act as a stabilizer for the soil and prevent erosion. They are a good investment because unlike pot borders, the rock borders are durable and you will not have to worry about replacing them.

Match the homes stonewall with that of the flower garden

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 19 - Garden Decor

By so doing, the ambiance of the landscape comes off as very well put-together and organized. If the house is built with red bricks, make the border of the garden out of brick for that synchronized look.

Go for tiered block beds

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 21 - Garden Decor

This one functions best for small front yards. Tiered block beds mean you use very little space to plant your favorite flowers. The border of the block beds should be securely and well finished to give the garden an elegant look.

Have a picket fence around the garden

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 23 - Garden Decor

The white fence will give the garden a clean and neat finished look. It also acts as a protective barrier against pets that might trample over the flowers.

Plant your flower garden right next to an arbor

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 25 - Garden Decor

The combination of an arbor and flowers is a welcoming sight to anyone who visits you. For the look to have a botanical look, plant climbing flowers like wisterias which will over time grow on the arbor for an even better look.

Have a specific scheme for your garden

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 27 - Garden Decor

The most popular scheme is the pastel shade. The pink, blue, purple, yellow and orange shades are associated with softness and sweetness and those are the moods that gardens should emit. Opt for flowers like azaleas, water lilies, and lavenders to achieve this look.

Plant flowers along the wall of the home and fence and passageways on the front yard

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 29 - Garden Decor

By so doing, the side of your passageways will act as an extension to your yard.

Use the flower garden to direct attention to some sections of the front yard

Flower garden ideas in front of the house 31 - Garden Decor

Depending on the size of your lawn, you can have three different locations/patches of flower gardens all with different color schemes on your front yard. You can plant roses on one garden, have sunflowers on the other one and have some marigolds on the last portion. This way, the yard will look like a botanical paradise without necessarily overwhelming the general outlook.

With all these ideas that’ll make your front yard stand out, there is no excuse to not impress with your flower gardens. The secret lies in landscaping, color coordinating and thinking outside the box with the borders. Mood lighting also adds a soft touch to a flower garden so don’t shy away from investing in landscape lights. With all the variety of flowers on earth, you can go wild with exotic ones. Take a look online where various companies deliver flowers internationally.

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