How To: Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance

Your lawn mower does not start? Here is a list of essential items to check about lawn mower repair before bringing it to the waste and invest in a new machine.

How To: Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance

Lawn Mower Repair Case 1: the starter does not start

For a lawn mower repair with starter, check the following, in order:

  • Check the battery voltage with a multimeter. The tension that you should get is on the battery, it is usually 12 volts.
  • Check the fuses if any. They should not be broken.
  • Check the condition of safety switches. There is for example below the saddle lawn mowers: These are sensors that stop the mower when the grass box is not in place or if the blade is not engaged, some engines are equipped with a safety check of the oil level. These sensors should not be shorted. Test them with a multimeter.
  • Check the condition of the wiring harness. No wire should not be cut.
  • Check the Neiman (start switch). Using a multimeter, check if all contacts are made by inserting the key into it.
How To: Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance

Case 2: Starter launches

Check if there is a spark at the spark plug by removing. Put it back in and turn the suppressor electrode to ground (connect one part of the spark plug in a metal object). Turn the starter wheel and see if there is a spark.

If you have no spark

  • Change the spark plug for a new trial.
  • Check the high voltage cable with an ohm meter using the values of the manufacturer. This cable goes from the suppressor to the high voltage coil. It can sometimes be damaged.

If you have a spark

  • Check the state of the spark plug: it must be dry.
  • If this is the case, check that gasoline arrives at the carburetor well by disconnecting the hose from the carburetor.

If the spark plug is full of essence is that there is no spark. Engine flooded. Dry the spark plug and check the points from step # 1.

How To: Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance

Case 3: petrol reaches the carburetor

Clean the carburetor. Once this spark and gasoline reaching the carburetor, the engine should start. On some models, there is a filter between the tank and carburetor.

The engine does not give full power

Lawn mower repair:

  • Check that the throttle cable is not jammed
  • Check the spark plug
  • Check that the starter does not stay closed part
  • The carburetor adjustment screws have been changed

The engine runs rough

  • On the carburetor, the gas zipper is cluttered with grass or other
  • The carburetor adjustment screws have been changed
  • The controller is blocked or damaged
  • The carburetor retaining screws are loose

The essence does not come regularly, cleaning the carburetor, check the arrival of gasoline.

How To: Lawn Mower Repair and Maintenance

The motor vibrates

  • Screw loose fasteners
  • loose or poorly positioned Tools
  • Silent block damaged fasteners

Engine smokes significantly

Lawn mower repair:

  • oil level in housing too high
  • The motor was leaning the wrong side (never err on the side of the air filter) and the air filter is soaked with oil, clean it and dry out
  • The breather is clogged (the pipe that goes from the air filter to the crankcase)
  • The engine takes the age or due to poor maintenance there wear of engine components

Motor blocked

  • Check that the pitcher is not pressing the wheel.
  • Remove the spark plug, it can happen, if the engine was leaning side air filter, the oil goes through the breather and fill the cylinder, exhaust out, clean the filter, make the level.
  • Spark plug dismantled and disassembled pitcher operate the steering wheel in hand, if it is blocked, the motor or the connecting rod are tightened.

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  1. My dad damaged the lawn mower at home and he wants to have it repaired because the grass is getting taller. It was suggested here that he should regularly check the fuses that it’s not broken and make sure that the throttle cable is not jammed. Moreover, it’s recommended to go to trusted experts for quality lawn mower repair.

  2. Thanks for the information on how to repair lawn mowers if it doesn’t start in different situations, such as checking the safety switches, the fuses, and other parts if it has a starter. Knowing how to properly maintain and fix your equipment could be important to get it working if possible. I’d imagine that if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, or if these methods don’t work, you’d probably want to hire a professional so that the lawn mower can get repaired if possible.

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