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Design outdoor lighting, LEDs, garlands and braziers: how to choose the right garden lighting? Here are some ways to carry out this decorative and practical gesture essential for evenings outdoors.

Choosing outdoor lighting requires you to think about your needs and the final aspect you want. To be placed in many places in the garden, streetlights, spotlights, wall lights, projectors, etc. provide good lighting while remaining aesthetic and energy-efficient. Resistant to both UV and bad weather conditions, they are useful in all seasons. To fully enjoy your terraces and gardens, follow our guides…

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3 Lighting Options for Your Garden 1 - Outdoor Lighting

3 Lighting Options for Your Garden

Right now, there is a wide range of potential lighting options for your backyard and garden. Some people become completely overwhelmed by too many choices and it becomes difficult to […]

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Best Outdoor Solar Lights for your Garden 11 - Outdoor Lighting

Best Outdoor Solar Lights for your Garden

Outdoor solar lights are becoming more and more popular with gardeners and decorators. They are indeed very decorative objects and thanks to their solar panel do not need any more […]

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How To Illuminate Your Yard With Landscape Lighting 13 - Outdoor Lighting

How To Illuminate Your Yard With Landscape Lighting

When you live in a home that comes with a front yard or a backyard, then keeping it well lit at all times is absolutely imperative. By doing so, you […]

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How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Outside 17 - Outdoor Lighting

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Outside

There are thousands and thousands of posts out there that list the ways that you can reduce the amount of power you use inside your home. You already know about […]

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DIY Outdoor Candle Chandelier Tutorial

Diy Outdoor Candle Chandelier Tutorial

For an evening on the veranda, nothing like using a chandelier to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Aged metal, or more contemporary chandeliers are popular decorative accessories because it […]

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10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

10 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden Landscape. #5 Is Really Cute

1 – Fire Pit Wood LED Lighting source Brilliant ways to amp up your yard or porch for the holidays with a fire pit! If you need a rack: Easy […]

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Garden Cracked Log Lamps 31 - Outdoor Lighting

Garden Cracked Log Lamps

Duncan Meerding is a 27 year old Designer who have made these amazing and unique “Cracked Log Lamps“. The lamps are made from salvaged logs which would otherwise have been […]

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Diy: Garden Luminaries 33 - Outdoor Lighting

Diy: Garden Luminaries

Garden light made from wrapped canning jars into window screen fabric for luminaries that transform themselves from originals sculptures during the day to warm, glowing lights at night. Website: Lowes!

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How to Make an Outdoor Candle Chandelier

How to Make an Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Using vintage lighting you can create your own outdoor candle chandelier! Website: Rustic and Refined! Submitted by: Christine Graves!

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