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A garden is a wonderful place for children. As soon as the sun comes up, they rush out! 1001Gardens offers you DIY ideas to create a playground in your garden. From the recovery trick to the most incredible installations, wake up the handyman inside you to create a fun and functional outdoor playground. Swings, sandboxes, mud kitchens, music walls or water walls, sensory bins, outdoor kitchen, car or train circuits… Check out some ideas from our selection of DIYs for gardens. Your child will be able to have fun and relax but also awaken his curiosity and awaken all his senses with these original play spaces. Summer is coming, get started!

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30 Best Water Games for Kids & Adults

30 Best Water Games for Kids and Adults

Summer is settling in and we are already surprised by the big heat peaks. The hydration of children is essential at this time of year and we must remain vigilant. […]

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Guide on Kids Gardening 2 - Kids Playhouses & Playgrounds

Guide on Kids Gardening

Looking for a healthy, fun activity to try out with your kids? Well, you should consider gardening. Gardening is a wonderful activity that’d yield delightful rewards for your time and effort.

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12 Kids Outdoor Games You Want for Your Children

12 Kids Outdoor Games You Want for Your Children

This summer, children will not get bored: small houses like real one, garden tables, pedal karts, playgrounds, and even Indian tipis, your garden will become the place of rendezvous. Overview of outdoor […]

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Tim Wood Kids Playhouse 5 - Kids Playhouses & Playgrounds

Tim Wood Kids Playhouse

Little kids cabin kids playhouse inspired from Tim Burton’s universe. Tim’s cabin, all made from wood offers a poetic play area and participates in the unique and original decor of the […]

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Lovely Planters for Kids from Upcycled Plastic Bottles 12 - Kids Playhouses & Playgrounds

Lovely Planters for Kids from Upcycled Plastic Bottles

These lovely planters are made from upcycled plastic bottles and containers of all kinds and this could make a perfect DIY project for this spring season with your kids. For […]

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25+ Ideas of Outdoor Pallet Playhouses for Kids

25+ Pallet Kids Playhouses Ideas

We have made a selection of pallet projects and more precisely around kids playhouses (because we’re always big children’s). 25 cool ideas of pallets reused into playhouses of our childhood […]

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Grow a Sunflower House as Kids Playhouse 27 - Kids Playhouses & Playgrounds

Grow a Sunflower House as Kids Playhouse

Grow a Sunflower House as Kids Playhouse, no need to say more ! this idea is genius !

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20 Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

30 Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

The right time for creating a mud kitchen The summer is the most appropriate time for such kitchens. But why limit your child’s enjoyment only to the warm sunny days? […]

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Diy Crafts for Kids : It's Autumn, Play with Nature ! 31 - Kids Playhouses & Playgrounds

Diy Crafts for Kids : It’s Autumn, Play with Nature !

Directions : Have a walk in the forest or in your garden, collect stones, leaves, branches etc. and PLAY with your imagination ! ++Here

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