Bird Feeders & Houses

Looking for some entertainment in the middle of winter? Help birds feed during the cold season with a bird feeder, and brighten up your garden with their presence with a birdhouse! They form a beautiful ballet to watch from the window with the children. Birds are also valuable allies of the gardener, cleaning the garden during good weather of these harmful insects.

Latest Projects

Birdhouse Fences 1 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Birdhouse Fences

How to use your fence as birdhouses, a creative idea for happy birds!

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Recycle a Doll House as a Bird Feeder 3 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Recycle a Doll House as a Bird Feeder

How cute is this idea ? so simple to find an old dollhouse on a flea market ! ++Here

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8 Pallet Chicken Coops

8 Pallet Chicken Coops

Chickens are one of the best ways to green your life and garden. Perfect for kids, they also eat almost every leftover from your food and will provide you with […]

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Lego Birdhouse 15 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Lego Birdhouse

We’ve found it, the LEGO Birdhouse…you know what to do this week-end with your kids :) More information: PEUTER & KLEUTER & KIDS NIEUWS website !

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Pushpin Birdhouse Design 18 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Pushpin Birdhouse Design

This pushpin birdhouse was spotted on MakerBot’s Thingiverse, a website dedicated to 3D printing. This birdhouse can be printed with a 3D printer, the files are available to download! Cool […]

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Insects Hostel Made from Repurposed Pallets 22 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Insects Hostel Made from Repurposed Pallets

If you want to host biodiversity in your garden, here’s an idea of a perfect place for insects, we call it the “Insects Hostel” and is all made from reclaimed […]

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Green Roof Birdhouse 25 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Green Roof Birdhouse

If you want to experiment green roof, why not starting to make a little birdhouse with a green roof like this one? lovely!

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Repurposed Rake Head Became a Bird Feeder 28 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Repurposed Rake Head Became a Bird Feeder

++ Hometalk

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Old Tools = Vintage Birhouses 30 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Old Tools = Vintage Birhouses

Old shovels and rakes with birdhouses on the top ! perfect for vintage gardens !

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