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Sick of the greyness of our cities! Never mind, why not create a garden on the balcony, terrace or even on the roof of buildings. City dwellers need this return to nature and no longer hesitate to recreate a corner of greenery or even a vegetable urban garden on their balcony. Back to basics, need to clear your head while gardening, create a green space in the middle of concrete, want to taste fruits with a taste of yesteryear and without pesticides… The motivations are many.

However, these new gardeners are often in a hurry, they dream of a maximum effect for a minimum of constraints, they must limit themselves to what is necessary because they lack space.

Latest Projects

Diy Idea : Painted Cinder Blocks 1 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Diy Idea : Painted Cinder Blocks

I had never thought of painting only the inside of cinder blocks! Really love the twist it gives, and this can be done with leftover paint! What do you think […]

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Flowers Pathway 4 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Flowers Pathway

Nice mix of grass and flowers give an original look to your garden! ++Here

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Urban Garden on Fire Escape 7 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Urban Garden on Fire Escape

Garden on a fire escape in NYC !

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Peeled Facade 10 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Peeled Facade

Wow ! This photo of a “peeled facade” is incredible! More information: Be careful! This Soup might be Polish! website !

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Tree Growing through an Old Dodge Truck 13 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Tree Growing through an Old Dodge Truck

Who came first ? That’s the question ! :) After the 1950′S bike eaten by a tree, now the tree growing through an old car, it look like a 40’s […]

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City Gardens 16 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

City Gardens

Everyone needs some green place in our urban way of life. This picture is a good example of how the nature is going back in the city! Don’t know where […]

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Street Art Tree 19 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Street Art Tree

Artwork made by Daniel Siering and Mario Shu in Potsdam, Germany.

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1950's Bike Eaten by a Tree 22 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

1950’s Bike Eaten by a Tree

A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the […]

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Umbrella's Tree by Sam Spencer 24 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Umbrella’s Tree by Sam Spencer

Nice way to celebrate fall ! Art installation from Sam Spencer. ++ Via Recyclart

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