Peeled Facade

Wow ! This photo of a "peeled facade" is incredible!


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Ruth A Schnelle


Rina Azcuna-Siongco

Oh my!

Mariasun Azcuna

Rina Azcuna-Siongco look what happens when ivy wall becomes thick n heavy

Caroline Jenkins


Ranger Minney

Nothing a little Gorilla Glue, some Duct-tape and a few Zip-ties can’t fix!

Fabienne Soucy


Anne Tichborne

Did somebody’s vertical garden fall off?

Silvia Liliana Pellegrino

Que papelon,por Dios!!!!

Muguette Oudin

ça m’est arrivé avec un mur tout en lierre…

Moore's Greenhouse

Wow …

Matthieu Mahy

What a pity !

Isabel Morales Brito

Domingo Sultancastellano Diaz, qué pasada

Nuriza Kramer

The same happened to me some years ago. It was the wall of my garage. And yes, the wall was in perfect condition.

Sue Goetze

Leave it on !!

Nataša Podunavac

Tako je lako imati zelen okolis!

Leonie Maia

amazing. and the brickwork underneath still looks to be just fine.

Elena J Whiting


Ronnie Axford

Oh wow!

Martine Joly

A raccrocher en urgence.

Amber O'Neill

that seems kinda sad

Catherine Lefrançois

c ‘etait plus joli avec les plantes !!

Saskia Meyer-Loch

Echt Schade- Für die tierischen Bewohner. :(

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