Garden Design Landscape in Antibes

This property is secluded behind impressive wrought iron gates, reached by a palm-lined drive, the finest home in the town brings luxurious living to the heart of central Antibes. The pool and the 3,750 SQ meters Garden landscape was designed by Atelier Nelumbo.

The property boasts one of the largest gardens in central Antibes. Enveloped by delicately landscaped gardens of soft, cool grass, with palm trees offering dappled shade for guests.

The pool is a natural daytime and evening draw for all residents. For the energetic, it offers at 18 x 10 meters as a perfect place to swim lengths. For the laid back, it gives a place to float gently across the water, or to sit near reading a book on a sun lounger. As night falls, the house and gardens come to light with ornamental candles, palm uplighting, and an optic fiber light in the pool. The atmosphere is magical, majestic and rich, extending evenings into dusk and nightfall. There’s no need to go indoors when the garden is so inviting: a midnight swim, a cocktail in the gazebo or an evening stroll on the deep pile rich green lawn.

Photograph by Wayne Chasan
Photograph by Wayne Chasan
Photograph by Wayne Chasan

Photograph by Wayne Chasan

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