How to Set Up Landscape Lighting Efficiently

Proper landscape lighting can increase your home’s appeal to a great extent. Usually placed along driveways and walkways, these fixtures are also apt for stone walls, trees, steps, and fences, along with other major landscape features. The following tips will help you get an effective landscape lighting so that you can get the maximum returns on your investment.

Do not focus only on solar lights

There are many who prefer to light up the landscape with just a few solar lights but real landscape lighting is much beyond that if you are serious about creating a mood across your yard. Use different combinations of lighting styles and types, to make your yard look magical and charming during the nighttime. In short, you should combine the practical features of outdoor lighting to bring out the beauty of landscaping.

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Determine the outcome

Before going for the landscape lighting design, think about your goals, that is, whether you want to light up patios or pathways to avoid slips or falls, or wish to illuminate the backyard space for some weekend entertainment. While some might focus more on the aesthetic appeal of the lighting, others might be concerned more about security. Having clear-cut goals will help you arrange for the proper lighting design.

Get the basics right

As you chart out the lighting design, highlighting the major elements of the yard is important. This includes driveways, entryways, pathways, trees, patios, steps and water features or any exclusive architectural element if present.

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Go the LED way

Halogen and LED constitute the two most favorite landscape lighting types. However, LEDs are more durable, lasting as long as 100,000 hours. The durability of LED lighting is also high, enabling it to bear with vibrations, shocks and weather hazards.

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Position during the night

Day positioning will not give you a complete understanding of how the place will appear at night. You need to check how yard elements including bushes, shrubs or trees cast shadows. Moreover, there is also the risk of misplacement. Considering all these factors, position the landscape at night.

All through the process ensure that there is no light pollution since it might ruin your very objective. You may use glare guards or lighting shields to deal with outdoor light pollution.

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