Elf House On A Tree

It can be an easy craft project for your garden! Although most of the materials that can be used for a fairy garden are sold in stores, you don’t need much. With old materials such as toys, genomes, fairies, elves, pieces of wood to make small windows, a little cement or wood glue, a few stones, paint, and most importantly, inspiration! It will be a magical decoration for supernatural creatures and your children will love these beautiful ideas.

Elf House On A Tree 1 - Bird Feeders & Houses

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20 thoughts on “Elf House On A Tree”

  1. Ultimately, a dilemma that I’m passionate about. I have looked for data of this caliber for the previous various hours. Your internet site is greatly appreciated.

  2. My fiance made this! He did a fantastic job!!!! The door and windows are just adorable. I love this man this aint nothing he cant build

  3. I have been searching on line for directions to make this elf tree house. Apparently many other people are also interested. When do you plan on telling us?

    1. You can use mouse traps from Dollar Tree for the windows (remove all hardware and paint the backside)
      For the door you could use a piece of 1″x6″ wood… flat stones & caulk (from $Tree), paint, maybe pinecone petals for roof, hot glue and E6000 glue (for temporary hold & lasting hold)… a solar spotlight…

  4. So secret!!!! No tutorial on how to make the adorable door, nor any teeny, tiny hints on the cute windows… I’m feeling GRUMPY!!! LOL ~I made a mushroom out of my stump and have been contemplating my door and have tried 2 different types of door’s n windows. Lol, love, love this door!! I’ll frame it and concrete it in, see how it turns out:)

  5. I have searched everywhere for the plans, & can’t find them! :( Finally fixing the yard up & would love to add this. It is adorable.

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