5 Reasons To Build A Raised Garden Bed

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Here are the main reasons why you should think of using raised beds for your garden :

  1. The soil: without raised beds, you start out with the soil that is already there, and add things to it. But because you can fill a raised bed with whatever planting medium you want, your plants will benefit from your own mixture of soil and compost. The soil will also be less compacted in a raised bed, allowing the roots to grow more easily.
  2. Space: even if you have a small space for your garden, you can get a big harvest with raised beds. This is because raised beds enable you to place plants closer together than with traditional beds. You can increase your garden’s capacity even more by gently rounding the tops of the soil in your raised beds, instead of leaving it flat.
  3. The longer growing season: the sun is able to warm a raised garden bed much more quickly than a bed that is level with the ground because there is much less soil to warm
  4. The convenience: even a relatively low raised garden bed will make a noticeable difference for your back during planting and weeding time.
  5. The drainage: many plants need good soil drainage in order to grow well. In a traditional garden bed, you’re relying on the composition of the soil to allow for good draining after a big rain, and this situation can lead to root rot. A raised garden bed has the drainage built in, so you can control how much water your plants get, and keep their roots from getting too bogged down

So now are you convinced ?

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