Benefits Of Building A Potting Shed In Your Backyard

Benefits Of Building A Potting Shed In Your Backyard 1 - Sheds & Outdoor Storage

If you want to try gardening in your backyard but don’t know whether to build a greenhouse or simply make a shed, you can strike a happy compromise by building a potting shed instead.

A potting shed combines the features of a greenhouse with the functionality of a shed in the same structure. As a result, you’ll be able to garden with more ease and indulge your hobby even more.

If you are not able to build a potting shed on your own, it’s even possible to have one delivered to your doorstep. Click here if you need a potting shed with UK delivery.

Here are some of the benefits you could gain by setting up a potting shed in your backyard.

Reduce Back Ache By Using Your Shed

One aspect of gardening that afflicts many gardeners is a terrible backache brought about by stooping over your plants while you work. If you have a potting shed, you’ll be able to put pots on the workbench, ledge, or table in the shed so that you can work on your plants comfortably.

This eliminates unnecessary backaches and allows you to have a sustainable garden because you will always be ready to do your gardening. This is a good way to motivate you to keep up with your hobby because you will enjoy your time out in the garden without pain.

You Can Be Close To Your Backyard Water Supply

Did you know that you can have a potting shed that has a working sink attached to it? The sink doesn’t have to be very large, it just needs to be big enough to accommodate your plant pots when you wash off the dirt at the faucet. You might also keep a hose to attach to the faucet so you can water your plants freely as well as clean up cemented areas around the garden. As long as your water supply to the potting shed remains stable, there shouldn’t be any major problems with having a potting shed that contains a faucet and sink.

As for the drain, it can lead to a part of your garden that has a gravel surface where the dirt can be deposited and the water could drain off naturally. The faucet should dispense clean water so that you can wash your hands after your gardening session is done for the day.

Benefits Of Building A Potting Shed In Your Backyard 5 - Sheds & Outdoor Storage

You Can Stash Growing Plants Beside Shed Windows

If you’re nursing some plants back to health, or maybe giving some seeds a headstart by raising them in pots, you can place them on the workbench of the greenhouse part of the potting shed where you usually work on other plants. Ideally, those surfaces should be right beside glass windows so that your plants will get adequate sunlight in the days before you transfer them back to the garden. This means your plants will be sheltered from animals, wind and pests but will be able to grow until they’re strong enough for transplanting.

Some gardeners also like to start their sowing activities during fall or winter. So the greenhouse part of your potting shed will allow you to sow new seeds in seedling trays that you can stash on the workbench facing the windows. You will probably just need grow lights to shine on your seedling trays until spring comes around – then you can start preparing to bring out your new sprouts from the greenhouse portion of your potting shed to transplant into your garden.

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You Can Keep Harvested Crops In Potting Shed

If you’re lucky enough to be able to harvest bountiful crops from your garden, you might want to temporarily put them on the workbench of your potting shed until you can get them organized. This is especially true if you harvest multiple types of crops at the same time or if the harvest was particularly bountiful, because that could overwhelm any gardener.

The nice thing about doing this is that your pets – and some pests like rats – won’t wreak havoc on the crops while you figure out what you want to do with your harvest, such as preserving them through canning.

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Keep Your Tools Handy

The nice part about having your own potting shed is that you can stay organized by putting your gardening tools in the shed if it is large enough. You probably have large gardening equipment like water hoses, rakes, and spades that need to be kept out of the way until needed. You can pick a potting shed that has shelves as well where you could put various gardening necessities like sacks of potting medium, seed sachets, seedling bags and terracotta pots. Since everything is in its right place within the potting shed, there won’t be any equipment lying around for you to trip over or lose.

You Will Want Visitors To Enjoy Your Garden With You

Having a potting shed that is organized, tidy and aesthetically pleasing will motivate you to invite friends and family to visit. There won’t be many tools and equipment lying around haphazardly since these will be stashed in the potting shed shelves and on hooks. So you will feel comfortable bringing over visitors who can admire your garden and even do some gardening themselves while they’re there. By the way, don’t forget to give them some of your harvested vegetables too while they’re around.

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Having a potting shed is a big deal for gardeners who are actively involved in gardening because it helps them in various ways. You can have a potting shed that functions as a greenhouse, a work area, and a storage area all at the same time. You can opt to buy your own potting shed or you can build one if you know how. Buying a potting shed online then having it delivered to your home would be a convenient way to own one – which is good because not everyone knows how to build a sturdy potting shed. At the end of the day, having a potting shed is really a good idea for your garden since it allows you to stay organized as you indulge in your hobby, with great results.

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