Upcycled Tire Hanging Garden Brightens Bland Walls!

Visit Civita Castellana, Italy, and you’ll find this cheerful Upcycled Tire Hanging Garden! Plant succulents, annuals, or other low-maintenance plants within the tires after painting them any way you wish.

Brighten up your vertical spaces with a charming, quirky Upcycled Tire Hanging Garden!

This planter is a budget-friendly project for any skill level. Find an old tire, or keep the tires when you get the tires changed on your car. Either drill a hole on the back side to place a hanger or use a hanging bracket with a deep U-shape to securely hold the tire. At the same time, drill drain holes where you want the bottom to be. Consider where you anchor these to a wall and be sure to think about the weight when the potting medium is wet! Paint the tire any way you choose, then allow to dry. When dry, hang in place and secure. Fill with a thin layer of gravel. Add potting soil, mulch, or the growing medium of your choice. Add succulents, cheery annuals, or vining plants and enjoy your upcycled hanging garden!

Tire Hanging Garden is made by upcycling an old tire and planting whatever you like, such as succulents, annuals, etc. inside and hanging it on a wall.

This hanging garden idea is a great way to avoid being overwhelmed with a vast garden. Additionally, this project is small-scale enough to get the kids involved with a gardening project that will be easy to maintain without boring them.

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