Smith Cottage Garden Provides Ideas Galore!

Sometimes an established Cottage Garden provides natural landscaping inspiration! The Smith Garden located in Decatur, AL. is one of those gardens! Find a feature you like in a garden near you and incorporate the idea with a personal twist.

Make a Cottage Garden idea a personal inspiration source. Don’t forget to ask those gardeners for tips!

A riot of colors, the classic white picket fence, layered height, and the joyful incorporation of wildflowers. These characteristics are only some of the things that define a simple garden around a traditional cottage. You don’t have to buy the most expensive, designer flowers to create a stunning look. Simple daisies, coneflowers, bachelor’s buttons and more make a charming explosion of colors on a very modest budget. Plus, don’t forget that many of those perennials re-seed themselves. Additionally, the Green Thumbs at have flower seed and harvesting techniques! So save your money and go for cheery colors, height, and don’t forget that ground cover!

Cottage Garden living embraces the bright colors and wildflowers in their cheery best splendor.

Look at all of those fantastic colors! A cottage garden is not tasteful in the color-coordinated sense. Instead, celebrate the joyously bright colors, textures, and differences in height.
A cottage garden like this offers hundreds of easy-to-implement ideas.

Use those plant stands and hooks, along with brightly colored pots and containers!
A charming Cottage Garden makes a gorgeous backdrop for holiday decor.

The holiday celebrations never looked better against a lively garden!
Use neutrals for your walkways in your Cottage Garden to highlight little planting areas.

Don’t be afraid to use unusual materials, or commonplace materials in unusual ways, such as a firebrick walkway fringed with a complimentary tone of gravel. The neutral color of the brick and gravel makes the variety of colors from the plants and pots pop!
Cottage Garden decor includes a variety of textures and tones. If you like it; add it!

Don’t forget the variety of leaf and stem colors that add depth and interest to your garden. The front porch can be a convenient place to put those glossy-leafed shade lovers!
Cottage Garden decor can, and does, continue right up onto the porch. Add potted plants, glossy-leaved shade lovers, and bright furniture upholstery!

Continue the bright colors right up to the porch furniture!
Splendor around the grass - a Cottage Garden is inviting and charming. You want to walk the grounds and see every single detail.

Splendor in the grass has nothing compared to splendor AROUND the grass.
A Cottage Garden is inviting and charming. and has none of the stuffy formal look of an intensely groomed garden.

Formal gardens can be stuffy and intimidating. This butterfly buffet around a cottage is just the opposite; inviting and charming! Letting wildflowers and simple-to-grow flowers the freedom to do what they do best! The organized chaos creates a beautiful, welcoming garden like this.
The joy of a Cottage Garden is embracing natures quirks.

Oh no – you have a cone-style flower in with your charming yellow cluster of flowers! What to do? Nothing! ENJOY the natural happy accidents!
Just add it! If you like those colors and hanging baskets, perennials and annuals, just pop them into your Cottage Garden and have fun!

Go ahead – if you like it, ADD IT! Hanging baskets, those tall, spiky flowers that would be gangly by themselves are jewels in the flower-crown by layering in short and medium-height layers of color!

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