Summer & Tree Houses

Ahh the magic of tree houses. When we were children, peacefully settled, perched at the top of the trees on our branches and four wooden boards, we felt at home, it was a little like our little world.

But for some, this recklessness has remained in their minds. So to dream with their eyes open, they made beautiful little shacks at the top of the peaks. Be careful, we are not talking here about the small, somewhat shaky cabin, but about the high-level tree houses, which required years of work!

Head for the world’s forests to discover the most beautiful treehouses and summer houses. And if you too have concocted a cozy little nest at altitude, don’t hesitate to send us your best photos, we will enrich the list.

Latest Projects

Abandoned Chalet Landscape 1 - Summer & Tree Houses

Abandoned Chalet Landscape

Abandoned A-frames chalet in Lago General Carrera, Chilean Patagonia. What a pity in a such beautiful place :(

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Eau Claire River Cabin

Eau Claire River Cabin

Cozy, heated cabin on the Eau Claire River between two premier lakes – Middle and Lower Eau Claire – that’s accessible by canoe, kayak, or small fishing boat. This sturdy, […]

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60's Camper and Backyard Bathhouse 9 - Summer & Tree Houses

60’s Camper and Backyard Bathhouse

A restored 1962 Shasta Camper with bathhouse near Downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

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Queen Charlotte's Cottage 15 - Summer & Tree Houses

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage

Love this place! it looks like a fairy tale! ++here

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La Casa Del Arbol 20 - Summer & Tree Houses

La Casa Del Arbol

La Casa del Àrbol (Tree House). A one of a kind tree house with the swing at the end of the world. The house was built at the property of the […]

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Outdoor Nook Amazing Wooden Day Bed 23 - Summer & Tree Houses

Outdoor Nook Amazing Wooden Day Bed

Amazing wooden day bed.

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Amazing Nest Bed 25 - Summer & Tree Houses

Amazing Nest Bed

++ Here

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1200$ A-framed Cabin 27 - Summer & Tree Houses

1200$ A-framed Cabin

This cabin, with all new materials, only costs $1200 to make. $1500 if you wanted to insulate it for year-round use. A larger version, using 16′ rafter could also be […]

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Roof Made From An Upcycled Boat 30 - Summer & Tree Houses

Roof Made From An Upcycled Boat

The originality of this house is to use a returned boat as roof. This little house is located in the heart of “Cap de la chèvre” in the peninsula of […]

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