A Smart Guide for the Beginner Survivalist

Survivalism is a way of leading life wherein you get prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as war, natural disasters, pandemic and more so that your survival is ensured. It includes following different practices and concepts. Here is a guide to get you started off to the path to survivalism.

Gain knowledge

A Smart Guide for the Beginner Survivalist 1 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

To practice survivalism, you need to become self-sufficient, so possessing a survival library is crucial. You might argue that Google is always there to come to the rescue, but what if there is no access to Google (say you do not have a computer, mobile or any other gadget) at the most trying times? In the face of a major catastrophe, your survival resources library will act as your lifeline.

Learn the art of water purification

A Smart Guide for the Beginner Survivalist 3 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

There are a number of ways to purify water, such as using household bleach, adding iodine, utilizing purification tablets like that of chlorine dioxide, boiling water, and so on. Be well-versed with at least a few of them, so that you don’t have to search books when the need arises.

Keep your food cache up to date

While going grocery shopping, always make sure to purchase some additional stuff. Do not store an excessive amount of food, but just ensure that whether there is a disaster or no disaster, you have enough to eat.

Always make sure to store food that you like to eat. Only then your food closet will be free from ‘spam’ and you will actually have something to eat in the event of a catastrophe.

Learn cooking without power

A Smart Guide for the Beginner Survivalist 5 - Urban Gardens & Agriculture

Power is omnipresent and so easy to access, but what if suddenly it’s not there? So, while you rely on microwaves, stoves, or the grill, also make sure that you know to prepare meals without them. There are a number of recipes that you can prepare without power.

Start reusing items

Many people are happily wasteful and love to throw anything in the trash because they know that a weekly truck will be there to drive it away. As a survival technique, you must learn to reuse items, especially newspapers, glass jars, plastic bottles and the like.

Be ready and do not panic! The next disaster might not be tomorrow but might knock at your door in a few years. So, maintain a normal sense of urgency and be prepared. 

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