Reclaimed Boat Sails Upcycled into Planters

Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse from the Parsons School of Design came with a nice idea: reuse local sail maker’s post-production sailcloth waste and scrap boat covers into planters. Not simple planters, but portable flat-folding, space-saving planters that can even travel on a bicycle’s handlebars.

By using different folding technique and simple manipulations, they created a container out of a single piece of material. Using a design reduced to its basic and essential structural elements, Miriam and Stella created Nomad from one fabric rectangle folded into a double-sided pot and stamped with an eyelet.

Miriam and Stella wanted to make the planter of a soft, flexible, lightweight yet durable and UV resistant material. Nomad needed to be easy to clean, low cost, and flat-packable. As the designers also felt strongly that Nomad is made of a sustainable material, they turned to post-production waste for the fabric. Boat sails fit their material criteria and became the ideal solution.
If you want one Nomad planter, you can purchase a Nomad directly for $32.


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