Privacy Fences & Garden Gates

The main function of a privacy fence or garden gate is to delimit your property from the public domain, and to prevent any outside intrusion, thus ensuring that your privacy is respected. But there are other aspects to consider when it is time to choose one, such as differentiating several areas inside your property, creating a vegetable garden area for example, separate from your dining area, or protecting access to the pool if you have young children.

Birdhouse Fences 17 - Privacy Fences & Garden Gates

Birdhouse Fences

How to use your fence as birdhouses, a creative idea for happy birds!

Upcycled Surfboard Gate 19 - Privacy Fences & Garden Gates

Upcycled Surfboard Gate

Gate made from an upcycled surfboard, so creative, I would love to have one like this one ! :)