Dendrocalamus Giganteus Giant Bamboos

Dendrocalamus Giganteus is the latin name for one of the biggest species of giant bamboo, also known as Dragon Bamboo. It’s a very tall, large culmed, grayish green bamboo which grows in clumps consisting of a large number of closely growing culms and reaches a height of 30-40m. Under favorable conditions, it can grow up to 40cm per day.

Dendrocalamus Giganteus Giant Bamboos 2 - Flowers & Plants

Native to Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan, China, and Thailand. It is considered the tallest bamboo in the world. This impressive giant bamboo is one among the twelve high yielding bamboos worth raising as a large scale bamboo plantation, as it is very good for construction, paper production, and young shoots are good for vegetable products.

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