Barrel Repurposed Into Fire Pit Bbq

I’ve seen plenty of BBQ repurposed from old rims, but barrels can be perfect as the wheel for a BBQ. This one is the best proof of that!


Interested in an original fire pit? Check out this original Darth Vader Fire Pit with how-to instructions!

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6 thoughts on “Barrel Repurposed Into Fire Pit Bbq”

  1. Well ya need 3 steel car rims weld 2 together cut a hole in the 2 welded together. Cut the third rim in half and cut the center piece out and weld it to the top rim. Cut a piece of 3/16 plate to make your top along with a piece of 2 inch steel pipe about 2 feet long for your fake stack and weld to the top of the plate at a center line and about an 1 1/2 from the back edge of plate and centered on the center line. Go buy a grill grate that fits your rim for your cook grate. There thats how its done for those asking how to build this RIM bbq cause this sure ain’t made from a barrel and someone really should change the name of the post.

  2. This is really cool. Liked the idea. I’m certified in B pressure pipe welding from Mississauga’s Weldtech Training centre. I have tried out welding creative new Gen Gates and also made a curio from welding together old coins . But I have never tried anything like this before. Way to go!

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