The Amazing Wee Dinky House Playhouse

This hut remind us the ones of our child time, like a kids playhouse! Initially, the project made by thinking wood was a child’s playhouse, but the project has grown arms and legs and could be used as a garden bedroom for adults. Except for the base frame, all the wood (mainly oak) has been sourced within 15 miles of the proposed site. Looks like a Hobbit house! Great work!





7 thoughts on “The Amazing Wee Dinky House Playhouse”

  1. Bravo! Absolutly Fantastic! The design is brilliant, the lines of the structure are so fluid and inviting, the workmanship appears second to none.
    This “Wee Dinky House Playhouse” is Amazing.
    I thank you for your generosity to share your creativity in design and art.
    And to the turned off consumer …….. look like you retarded as child time, have not social skill …. must child time educated home in dirt hole selfishly rude child no learn social skills. Turn that consumer off!

  2. Negative narrow minded trolls need to stay off the internet which is meant for sharing! Boo to you!
    Great build and skill to put together your idea! Very charming! ???

  3. This is a horribly written piece! English, much? Commenter Christina had it right. Some of us enjoying the pictures and work, would also like a well written article to go with it. And yes, it would have to be a playhouse, as it isn’t tight. The gaps everywhere would let all the weather in.

    1. What gaps? Look again the boards are lapped so there are no gaps. Obviously you know nothing about building, so this is the wrong site for you!

  4. I love the little house, but the English in the article is horrible. ..”.look like the one of our child time!” , and “It really look as an hobbit house!”

    This kind of thing is a turn off to me as a consumer.

    1. Very very lovely!

      As for Christina’s quite rude and senseless comment, this site is for inspiration, as it clearly says. The kind people running it don’t seem to be trying to sell me or you or anybody one of these cool little houses, but merely sharing someone else’s creativity. Your needs as a self-proclaimed “consumer”, which you no doubt are, mean less than nothing to those of us who are producers. We make things and share the joy we find in doing so. You can just keep on consuming and missing the point.

      Thanks to everyone who shares things on this great site!
      You are an inspiration to your fellow producers.

    2. Shame! To think everyone speaks and writes english as a native. House is great, a playhouse for children and home for the good neighbors.

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