The Babylon Urban Garden Made Out of Bamboo

The Babylon Urban Garden Made Out of Bamboo 2 - Flowers & Plants


This urban garden, kind of Babylon Garden, was made by Amaury Gallon and inspired by bamboo scaffolding used to build buildings in China. It also represents a new way to cultivate vegetables for urban gardeners.
Each bamboo cane has been previously sealed with fine gravel, a layer of hydrophilic felt and a porous irrigation system. The plants are irrigated several times a day with a dedicated program. The excess water is collected in a container for ballasting to the structure. The fish enable a nutrient intake for plants.
This garden contains vegetables (zucchini, melon, squash, pickle, tomato, strawberry …) and aromatic and medicinal plants (Helichrysum, lemon balm, mint, chives, basil …).

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