Modern, Aesthetic Chicken Coop

Modern, Aesthetic Chicken Coop 1 - Bird Feeders & Houses

Here were the goals while building this chicken coop:

  • I wanted to build it once, so going too cheap on materials just to have it rot was not an option.
  • It had to look good and be something I was proud of and NOT something that I wanted to hide from my neighbors.
  • Due to the investment I wanted it to ‘give back’ besides providing shelter for my chickens.  Creating a garden roof on the coop was my solution to making it multi-functional and ‘giving back’ in the form of garden produce.
  • Halfway into the design, I realized that there was a void in the chicken coop market of modern looking chicken coops.  So I adjusted my design to be modular so construction time was faster and could be a somewhat assembly line.  It could also adapt to the many funky yard spaces that everyone has.  

Eggs easily collected through the side hatch.

Modern, Aesthetic Chicken Coop 4 - Bird Feeders & Houses
source: Backyard Chickens
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