Flowered Garden Prairie

This photo of a garden prairie won the first prize of the International Garden Photographer of the year in the category “The beauty of Plants” organized by Igpoty.com.
Photo by Rosanna Castrini – My Garden Prairie – Bricherasio, Piedmont, Italy

A corner of sublime ‘prairie’ in my garden, inspired by contemporary horticultural theories and the practice of ‘prairie-planting’ gardens. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to redmake a narrow flowerbed next to the house, sowing the plants required. I like informal, flowing effects and I chose fast-growing plants: Ammi majus, Hordeum jubatum, and Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’. Then I documented with photography the evolution of this flowerbed. I was inspired by the soft flow of energy offered by Hordeum jubatum.


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