French Press Repurposed as a Terrarium

French Press Repurposed as a Terrarium 1 - Flowers & Plants

This time I’ve used an old coffee plunger to create some de(er)caffeinated coffee- mind the pun. Using an unusual or common household item as opposed to a jar can instantly make a terrarium more interesting.”

Really love the idea of repurposing your french press as a perfect touch for your decoration ! The white stones are perfect !

Terrarium and photography by Zik

3 thoughts on “French Press Repurposed as a Terrarium”

  1. Hello! I am the creator of this terrarium and image. Can you please provide a link back to the original webpage which I’ve posted this? Everyone on the internet thinks that you made this.

    1. Hi Zik! I love this idea it’s adorable and I would love to attempt it myself! I don’t see a link to your website as you requested, do you have a tutorial or website you could email me? It would be greatly appreciated and all original credit would of course go to you :)

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