The Best Resolutions for a Good Garden Season in 2023

As another year starts, it’s time for gardeners to reflect on the previous year’s growing season and begin thinking about how they can better themselves in 2017. Here are some resolutions which you can consider to make this year’s gardening experience an enhanced one.

Using more organic products

Organic products are indeed great for your family and the ecosystem, as well as your pets. So, resolve to make your lawn an organic one and select vegetables, flowers, and fertilizers accordingly.

Cultivate vegetables

If you grow your own vegetables, then you can find food for sustenance from the garden itself. Whether it is a large garden having a number of vegetable plants of different species, or a small garden having only one category of plants, growing vegetables always pays off in the long run.

The Best Resolutions for a Good Garden Season in 2023 1 - Flowers & Plants

Feed the birds

You might wonder why you should make this resolution, but remember that birds are extremely crucial for the proper growth of your garden. They not only eat insects but also help to disperse seeds and pollinate plants all across the garden. Welcome local birds in your garden by starting with a simple bird house or feeder.

The Best Resolutions for a Good Garden Season in 2023 3 - Flowers & Plants

Involve children

If you involve children, you will get some ready help and children will also learn more about food and where it comes from. Gardening is not only educational for children but is also a resourceful way of spending a substantial amount of time with your children.

The Best Resolutions for a Good Garden Season in 2023 5 - Flowers & Plants

Add houseplants

Houseplants enhance the beauty of your home and also purify the air in which you breathe. This year, try to include one plant for every 100 square feet of your home area to derive the maximum amount of benefits.

Conserve water

Make gardening beneficial for yourself as well as the environment by adopting methods of water conservation. Unless you have very restricted space, try to cultivate all plants in the ground.

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