9 Tips To Dog Proof Your Garden

9 Tips To Dog Proof Your Garden 1 - Garden Decor

If you’re fond of plants and pets as well, you may want to keep them both in your garden. However, it can be a daunting task to keep them from harming each other. No worries, though! With these top tips, you can quickly dog-proof your garden and have your dogs and plants exist in harmony.

Place Fences In Your Garden

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Securing your garden with a rigid fence is an excellent way to prevent your dog from escaping your yard. If you allow your furry friend, like your mini pomsky, to lurk around without a leash, see to it that the fence has no holes where your dog can sneak into. Moreover, fences can also be useful in refraining your dogs from ruining your garden or your landscape. A tall and sturdy division is ample to avoid them from damaging your plants.

Clear Up Unnecessary Soil

Digging is something dogs love to do. A large patch of soil left in your garden can quickly fire up their instinct, resulting in a filthy garden. Make sure to clean them up to prevent your dog from ravaging areas in your yard and messing them with dirt.

Use Borders and Raised Beds

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While tall fences protect the ridges of your garden, low barriers or borders can be useful in refraining your dog from ruining your plants and flowers or peeing on them.

Raised beds are also a good option in securing your crops. Dogs don’t want to face such barriers, and they are less likely to jump over them. Moreover, borders decrease their instinct to dig compared when being exposed to plain gardens.

Aside from protection, raised beds are also an excellent way to keep things tidy and bring a new look to your garden. Unleash your creativity and employ different colors. If you want to be ingenious, find an old wheelbarrow or a keg. Transform into a raised platform and plant flowers. Your blossoms will thrive without your dog climbing and digging them up.

Avoid Thorny Plants

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If you’re a person fond of growing cacti or succulents, you might think twice about planting them in your garden. While they may appear beautiful and serve as a great ornamental plant, they can be hazardous to your dog. They can quickly prickle and hurt your dog or get stuck in their fur, causing more problems.

Never Grow Plants That Are Poisonous To Your Dogs

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source: Pet Central

While dogs can pose harm to your garden, your garden can also be hazardous to your dogs in return. Chewing things is an innate behavior to dogs. If you have poisonous plants, it can bring significant risks to their health. Harmful chemicals can make them rigorously ill or even lead to their death.

Some of the plants that are detrimental to dogs which you should avoid are Oleander, Holly, Ferns, Tulips, Poinsettias, Ivy, and Orange Day Lillies.

Those plants can really be toxic to dogs. Should you still decide to plant them, see to it to put barriers on them or place them or raised beds so your dogs won’t reach them.  You may also consider placing them in a vertical garden instead of for aesthetics purposes. When it comes to your ferns, you can put them into separate pots and hang then ideally around the patio or from your fences.

Cover Pools and Ponds

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Most dogs are fond of playing in the water and swimming in pools and ponds. If you have one in your garden, make sure to cover them up when not in use. Through that, you can avoid them from messing the pool or pond itself and bring in dirty water into your house. If you have puppies or smaller dogs like Chihuahua or a mini Pomsky, this action will also steer them away from any peril in the water if they are left unattended.

Get Self-Repairing Grasses

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Aside from digging, dogs can poop and urinate on your lawn, affecting the condition of your grass. This can lead to further deterioration and destruction of their roots. Choosing Kikuyu or Buffalo grasses can become handy. They are self-repairing and can keep maintaining the perfect look of your garden.

Designate A Space Where Your Dogs Can Play

Dogs are naturally playful and energetic. If they get bored, they will start digging or lurk around. Get your dog some space to play in your garden. Train them so they can remember to avoid your plants and know exactly where they are allowed to run around. It can be great if you could place your dog’s favorite treat or toys in an ample open space where he could free play around, protecting your vegetation from dog damage.

If you can’t seem to find a free space for your dog in your garden, you can bring him outdoors to consume his energy. A tennis ball can become handy as dogs love to chase them. This will provide the activity that they need, refraining them from pouring that energy into digging up your garden.

Keep the Garden Gates Shut

While keeping garden gates shut is an outright must, most garden owners still tend to forget or neglect it few instances here and there. This is just a reminder to ensure that your gate is firmly shut off. It would prevent your dog from going outside and running off and also refrain any outside dog from coming in and ravaging your precious garden.

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips help! Follow these tricks and keep your plants, dogs, and garden safe at all times!

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