How to Make an Amazing Grass Daybed with Pallets

What better way to have a good nap in a sunny garden, a holiday afternoon? Jason (gardener on Australian TV show Better Homes & Gardens) dreamed of it. His problem was that he had no lawn in his garden. So he decided to do a bit of home-staging and make a bed with wooden planks and plant grass to make a very soft mattress. What to do good naps under the summer sun.

So, if as Jason your garden grass is not enough, or you really love the comfort of a cozy bed… You can make your own outdoor grass daybed as demonstrated from start to finish below and in the video.

It is made from wooden pallets and including a planter headboard to add more greenery to the piece of furniture.

Dismantle a wood pallet and attach panels together to form a large bed platform

Keep some wood pallet panels and use them to make a bed frame and a nice planter as headboard

Make a proper soil, you can add some natural fertilizers.

Dispose grass bands on a proper soil as a grassy mattress

How to make an amazing grass daybed with pallets

Add cushions for extra comfort

How to make an amazing grass daybed with pallets

Here we are, a perfect outdoor daybed for the spring season!


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