How To Kill Weeds Using Vinegar Instead Of Roundup

How To Kill Weeds Using Vinegar Instead Of Roundup - guerrilla-gardening

Please, consider in the future using vinegar instead of roundup. The result will be exactly the same. If you need a proof that vinegar was a weed terminator, then look at the pictures below. One was taken in the afternoon, and the second the next day after Kevin sprayed them with straight-from-the-bottle, store-brand white vinegar.

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Suzanna Matthews

I will try this and see

Janet Atkinson-Grosjean

But to do a good job you need 20% horticultural vinegar rather than 5% household vinegar

Ruth Vatter

in Germany it is forbidden to use vinegar or salt for privat gardening! Also “round up” is forbidden. Please don´t use any herbizid! Or do you want to kill all the litte animals which are so helpflull, or do you like to eat herbizids???

Leonie Maia

did you do a before and after soil pH test?

Dacia Wells

Thank you Leonie what a great idea I have some weeds that are dying to try this


I use vinegar and bi-carb for ant as wells weeds

Sue Watson Prewitt

boiling water works great too

Eva Tanase

That’s wicked! I’ll give it a try…

Glen Smith

I have tried it twice and it didn’t work. Must be a strong % acidity than you can buy at the grocery store.

Zvjezdana Tokić

Or just use your hands ;)

Christine Carpenter

you add salt with it

Jennifer Waight

Going to try this method

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