Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden

A charming little fairy garden in an old and vintage wheelbarrow that you can move around in your garden! :)

Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden - flowers-plants-planters

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Itz Papalotl

Woody schau

Ivan Hodgetts

Thats so cool.. :-)

Korinna Grace Wood

Boa itzi is das geil! <3 <3

Helen Reeley Landscapes

This would be a lovely project for a family of children to undertake or a group of children neighbours; they can forage for most of the materials & make their own toadstools at school.

Staci 'hoyt' Chatfield

That’s beautiful

Ann DeLosh

Ours is in an old wheelbarrow, but at the moment looks less than loved. This is gorgeous.

Janet Fiske McAskill

That’s so cute!

Deni Linda G

How delightful!

Craig N Erin Solin

Those are JJ Potts mushrooms and toad houses – love them.

Robin Boles Rmb Crafts

I love this

Nicola Ballantyne

Denise Shepherd am liking this ?

Denise Shepherd

OMG love it ?

Aaron Vreulink

Clare Elise I think you need to work on your fairy garden designs

Carol Itani

It is so cute

Tracy Gordon

I need an old wheelbarrow :-)

Glynnis Oberholzer

Nope. Avoiding wheelbarrows. Tripped over one two weeks ago and fell flat on my face!

Leslie Joseph

I hear the Sanford and son theme song…

Gail Sharp

Glynnis Oberholzer you should just water down your wiskey more

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