Upcycled Glass Bottle in the Garden

Upcycled Glass Bottle in the Garden - garden-decor
Upcycled Glass Bottle in the Garden - garden-decor
Here is a beautiful idea of upcycling. The store on Etsy has already sold it but what a great inspiration! Easy to build and if you need to cut the bottles, check out how to cut glass bottles!

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Viv Popescu


Serina Ayotte-Bouchard

Tammy after your teacups…can we make those? I’m sure Chris can get us the rods!

Steve Vallone

that is awesome! May i share??? I just love it… :)

Lisa Cook

Oh! I love the dragonflies!

Kim Dukes Ransdell

I love it omg gotta make one

Proyectos Uno

Muy lindo!!!

Itoshi Hana

pretty :) an interesting idea (y)

Ranju Jain


Ellen Fay

Is there anyplace that gives instructions for connecting the rebar stand to the dragonfly body or do you have to know a welder?

Jackie Bailey

I would like to know also! My dad is a welder.

Dee Dee Chiesa

Aren’t they clever! I bet you could make me some!

Johan Nilsson

Nu ska vi spara flaskor Anneli Hübner

Anneli Hübner

Okej ???

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