Roof Made From An Upcycled Boat

The originality of this house is to use a returned boat as roof. This little house is located in the heart of “Cap de la chèvre” in the peninsula of Crozon in Bretagne (France). The house is part of a cottage and B & Bs named Kastell Dinn that offer living nature in an unusual accommodation.
For the call of the open sea, seasickness less, spend the night below a boat on the peninsula of Crozon.

Roof Made From An Upcycled Boat - sheds-huts-treehouses
Roof Made From An Upcycled Boat - sheds-huts-treehouses

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Leonie Maia

that is wonderful.

Sylvie Morel

Je connais bien, il y en a aussi à Equihen Plage dans le Pas de Calais, certaines ouvertes à la location d’été.

Sébastien Pigot

Excellente idée, c’est au top

Daren Cosgrove

Chloe i would love to live there x

Ruth Hubert

Richard Hubert our next project?!

Richard Hubert

I thought you had already built it ?

Marianne Nieuwdorp Roelen


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