10 DIY Recycled Tires Decoration Ideas for Your Garden

We have searched the web for those 10 amazing ideas of recycled tires that could be used as decoration, planters, swing…for your garden! Next time you go to change your car tires, get the old one back for your garden and make something creative with them! :)

1 – A recycled painted tire as a zebra garden decoration

2 – Nice grass stools!

Source: Creative Spotting

3 – Old tire into swing, easy one!

Source: galeriabordados

4 – Snake Playground for the kids!

Source: Recyclart

5 – Another idea for the kids, a sandbox!

6 – A big tractor tire could be reused into a cool garden bench!

7 – A nice and creative swing for your kids!

8 – A bikestand! This is idea is very cool!

Source: Recyclart

9 – An easy and beautiful playground, perfect for kid’s gym! :)

Source: Creative Spotting

10 – Colored planters!

Source: Recyclart

Do you have any other ideas or realizations you have done for your garden by recycling old tires ? Do not hesitate to share them with us!

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