Yokohama English Garden Landscape

Did you know that the official flower of Yokohama City in Japan is the rose? The connection between Yokohama and roses is quite old; it is said that roses were originally planted in Yamate Park (Yokohama), created as the first Western-style park in Japan by foreign residents of Yokohama.

Yokohama English Garden has more than 1,250 roses or 600 varieties as its central attraction and is scattered with other flowers and trees suited to Yokohama’s climate and natural features. From the new shoots in spring to the withering natural scenery of autumn, it has been tended to carefully over many years.

The roses, especially, can be enjoyed from spring to autumn, and fragrant perennial varieties are used in abundance. One of the fun aspects of this garden is that each time you visit, you can discover something new. Another special feature is that, in addition to simply enjoying the roses, you can also find inspiration for the layout of your own garden or terrace.

Photo: yamabuki***
Yokohama English Garden Landscape
Photo: yamabuki***
Photo: Hide Ume
Photo: Hideki Yoshida

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