Get Rid Of Pests From Your Garden With The Guardians of the Garden

We are now all aware (we hope!) that chemicals are not the way to go when you want to get rid of pests in your garden. To avoid using chemicals to get rid of pests, There are various methods on how you can use eco-friendly steps for controlling pests. One of those methods is the biological pest control method where you hire good insects – called guardians – to take on the bad ones. Of course, this is a great, environment-friendly method where no harmful chemicals are used, and Mother Nature will do the job for you, magical!

Through the implementation of these methods, you are creating a safe and secure haven for those creatures that are helpful for the growth of your plants and garden. Alongside, you are trimming down the population of insects that create havoc in your garden.

These methods are 100% safe for your plants, and they are also pet-friendly. The methods are:

  • Installing row covers 
  • Drawing beneficial insects 
  • Planting Insectary plants 
  • Application of food grade diatomaceous earth 
  • Creating yellow flypaper and hanging them on your garden

Take a look at the infographic below to know more about how to get started with the organic method of pest control for your plants and gardens during this planting season.


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