Five Essential Gardening Jobs You Should Do This Summer

Five Essential Gardening Jobs You Should Do This Summer 3 - Garden Decor

Have you recently been looking at your garden and thought it’s starting to resemble a wild forest? Maybe you don’t have much of a garden and you’re looking to expand it this summer and create something serene and beautiful. Either way, one of the more popular summer tasks is to work on your garden. If this is a job you’re ready to take, here are five essential steps you’re probably going to want to include in the process.

Start with a Clean Slate

As you look at an overgrown garden it can be pretty hard to figure out where to start. In fact, the whole job can seem a bit overwhelming at first. This is why it’s wise to clear space to start with. What this means is that you trim and clip back overgrown shrubs, bushes, and trees so you can really start with a clean slate.

Now obviously after trimming back everything you’re going to be left with a lot of garden waste. This is when it can help to use the garden clearance services from the likes of Enviro Waste. Enviro Waste will come in and remove garden waste with no job too small. It can help you to move your gardening project along much faster and smoother.

Make Sure Seasonal Beddings are Done at the Start of Summer

It’s also imperative that you go ahead and plant any seasonal beddings at the start of summer. You don’t want to be planting once it gets too hot, as the plants don’t end up doing as well. Aiming for early July to be finished with all your planting is best.

Five Essential Gardening Jobs You Should Do This Summer 5 - Garden Decor

Stay On Top of Border and Bed Maintenance

With gardening, it’s an on-going task. It would be great if you just did a few jobs at the start of summer and then we’re done, but that’s not how it works. You’ll need to stay on top of border and bed maintenance throughout the summer and into early autumn. This includes dead-heading to promote more blooms and growth, cutting back early-flowering plants, pulling weeds as they pop up, and just keeping things as healthy as possible.

Five Essential Gardening Jobs You Should Do This Summer 7 - Garden Decor

Provide Enough Water and Shade for Your Garden

You will also need to stay on top of watering the garden all summer long. Depending on how hot it gets and how little or much rain you get, you can adjust your watering accordingly. If you have potted plants that aren’t able to tolerate the heat and sun, you can move them during the hottest parts of the day and place them in a shady area. Mid-afternoon is typically the time of day that will be more difficult on sun-sensitive varieties.

If you are planting a garden from scratch, water and sunlight conditions are something you should keep in mind when picking the items that you’ll plant. Always be sure to research how much sun the plant needs, and how much water.

Five Essential Gardening Jobs You Should Do This Summer 9 - Garden Decor

Make Sure You Use the Right Kind of Fertilizer

Pretty much every garden can benefit from fertilizer whether it is an established garden or brand new. The fertilizer is food for plants, which can help them to grow bigger, stronger, and more vibrant. Just be sure you are using the right kind of fertilizer and the correct amount. If you over-fertilize your garden or use a fertilizer that is too strong, you can end up damaging and burning the plants.

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All Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

By staying on top of each of these tasks throughout the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy garden all season long.

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