An Eco-friendly Garden – Infographic

With so much in the news about climate change and the impact that it is having on world weather patterns, it’s very relevant and responsible for each and every one of us to try to become more environmentally aware and friendly. We can do this in many ways and even if they are just small changes, every change counts towards a twist in attitude and future behaviour which can only benefit the environment.

One place that we can make worthwhile changes in this realm is in the garden. This will allow us to create a space that we can enjoy; that extends our living space even further while also giving us an opportunity to be more environmentally friendly. We can do this by incorporating small changes: fertilizer choices, pest removal options and so much more.

A garden is a great place to relax but it can also be very relaxing to work in the garden as it forces our mind to work on a task other than issues with work or worries we have about our families etc. Being eco-friendly can be as simple as changing our compost choices or choosing to harvest rainwater for another purpose, there are many options to choose from to become even the slightest bit more eco-friendly in your own garden.

This infographic from Capital Garden Services aims to show why it’s a really good idea to choose an eco-friendly garden. It highlights things we shouldn’t be doing to achieve this; how to get started on the route to being an eco-friendly gardener; how to attract friendly garden visitors that will bring your garden on; it explains what companion planting is and it also describes an interesting case study which might help to show how it can all work in reality. Check it out below!


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