Advantages to Gardening by the Moon

Advantages to Gardening by the Moon

What are the advantages to gardening by the moon? It has been proven that the moon influences multiple phenomena such as tides or hair growth. It is the same for plants that have their effect depend on the phases of the moon.

  • During phases when the moon is rising, the sap of plants are concentrated in the aerial parts (leaves, stems) but also in fruit: choose the crops, and the lawn!
  • In Waning Crescent, the buried areas enjoy lunar effects transplant, sow, fertilize, prune …
  • Depending on the day, focus your actions on fruits, flowers, roots … Some days are considered unfavorable, then avoid all gardening works: it’s time for the gardener to rest, without remorse!

Respecting the lunar calendar, it is quite possible to garden according to the terrestrial satellite in cycles and to better enjoy!

You will find a map according to your region to see planting dates and Moon-favorable dates.

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