When To Plant Your Vegetable Garden

When To Plant Your Vegetable Garden - garden-decor

Thank to Listotic for this nice optimal planting dates, the sooner you start, the sooner you will have a garden full of beautiful vegetables!

**For plants that don’t need to start indoors.

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Leslie Joseph

not in colorado….we don’t plant anything before Mothers day. March and April are our blizzard months. Some of us have learned the hard expensive way.

Jen Apperson

Not on the Canadian East Coast either. I have a bunch started indoors though and I’m hoping to have them in ground by early/mid May.

Patricia Atwell Davis

not in west va. we are under a freeze warning and snow right now. April is our month.


In the high desert in New Mexico, we do not plant until the day of San ysidro, May 15

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