Mattress Springs Trellis

This ia an attractive and creative way to recycle an old mattress springs as a trellis for your garden !

Mattress Springs Trellis - fences

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Laetitia Semsey

ressort de matelat très ingénieux !!

Alex Moon


Helen Reeley Landscapes

Golden hops would look good grown on this

Giannina-Mercier Gouin

C’est génial!

Diane Grégoire St-Pierre

pourquoi pas………original…

Elysa Hemi Skye Christian

Destiny, to extend your garden fence up the driveway!

Elysa Hemi Skye Christian

Have things trail up it like ivy ect!!!

Elysa Hemi Skye Christian

Maybe even roses!!

Ruth A Schnelle

cucumbers, beans, sweet peas etc…

Elysa Hemi Skye Christian

She wants a year round fence, and with ivy and roses, even tho die back can still weave in and create what she needs, I wanna do it for veggies tho!!!!

Mandy Callinan

Miriam Giblin this would look nice in your back garden ?????

Couture et dépendances

Ah oui pourquoi pas :)

Robyn Merrett

Okay, now this is different but a cool idea!

Coco Cees Royer

… recyclage !

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