Rooftop Garden Landscape

A hidden garden in the rooftop of an old building at the corner of Filopoimenos and Riga Ferraiou streets in the city of Patras in Greece. Beautiful and authentic garden, I love the atmosphere between the old abandoned building (seems abandoned) and the green of the garden.

Rooftop Garden Landscape - landscaping

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Nicole Millman-Falk

looks nice than my garden on the ground

Penny's Pixie Planters

this would make a cool miniature garden!

Angela Kim Sousa Lima


Catherine Hurel

cooool !!

Sandra Schön

Wundervoll , diese Oase !

Anna Gonzalo

Schanze oder Altona? sehr gemütlich

Els Govers

Nice, I stay in The garden, dn’t like The street!

Patri Gaia

Qé belleza !!

Ismenia Pineda

Que bonito, si todos hicieramos un jardin.

Boris Finn

María Castillejo Carmen, Margaux Joyeux

Margaux Joyeux

C’est ça que je veux !

María Castillejo Carmen

Ah oui, ça s’est le rêve, évidement

Alex Moon

Awesome contrast with the rest of the building.


thanx, but very little about roof garden ideas, check here

Dotty Hill

Love it!

Diane Binkley


Denise Blake

What a difference the garden makes to an otherwise very unpleasant looking building and surrounds. Just lovely.

Amare Di Piu

where is this ??? :) amazing

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