15 Wreaths You Have to Craft This Fall

Autumn knocks at the door, dead tree leaves fall to the ground in a magical dance and, as time cooled, spend more time at home. Beautify the home for next season proves a very easy task and especially pleasing because the autumnal nature offers several different craft materials.

Collect beautifully colored leaves and make yourself well, because it will show you 15 great photos and each photo reflects a sense of autumnal decoration for the front door. Enjoy our beautiful wreaths easy to achieve! If you like flowers, look at this one: Amazing Orchis Italica Flower: Naked Man Orchid

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ann monarch

I love the wreath with the owls!

sherry carr

verry verr pretty

Darlene Luciw

How does one get the pattern on making any of these wreaths??

Susan Hone

These are really extraordinary designs! Love them! Sharing it!

1001 Pallets

Thank you! We appreciate it. The more people that get to see some of the ideas, or the projects that you amazing crafters do = more recycling, upcycling, creativity, and a wonderful sense of online community we get to share in. As always, Happy Palleting! HeatherStiletto, admin assistant. :-D

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