Cart as a Salad Garden

An easy idea to grow some salads...I've never told you to go and take those from the nearby supermarket to make one... :)

Cart as a Salad Garden - flowers-plants-planters

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Lydie Vallat

dom va être content!

Aaron Noah Teh

But please don’t steal one to create such a planter LOL

Jeanne Farnsworth

depends if you like rust or not! Rust and green actually are harmonic colors…

Allan Niass

The straw is a good idea (not original), but the shopping basket is ugly

Jean-luc Mahieu

Belle trouvaille

Deborah DeLargy Estepp

I just feel shopping carts shouldnt be used for anything but shopping. people drag those things everywhere.

Elsbeth Friedrich-Dreher

Das ist die Idee, wolltest du nicht LF-Basteln was anbieten? Wer brauch nen alten Kranz, wenn er nen uptodate-Einkaufswagen hat?

Antoinette Andre

Après le caddy conso, voici le caddy écolo. Comme quoi, un même objet peut avoir deux utilisations diamétralement opposées…


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