The 5 Most Beautiful Japanese Gardens from Japan

The Most Beautiful Botanical Japanese Gardens from Japan: Among the most famous rankings include that of “Three Views of Japan” and that concerning gardens, officially known as the “three most famous gardens in Japan” (日本 三名 園, Nihon sanmeien).

The Most Beautiful Japanese Gardens from Japan

The three selected gardens, Kenrokuen, Koraku-en Kairaku-in and must belonging to this ranking in part to their seniority and the historical importance of their owners. While it is clear that they are all beautiful, there are other equally sublime and perhaps even more beautiful. 1001 Gardens has selected a few from a list supplied to grow over our travels …


The Kenroku-en is officially considered one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. Unofficially, the Japanese consider it the most beautiful of the three. As such, we can not blame them. The place is simply beautiful!

His reputation is well established, and many tourists go there, especially during flowering cherry trees. The garden was originally the private garden outside the castle of Kanazawa, located just opposite. It is famous as the oldest fountain in Japan, as well as its symbol, the lantern with curved feet.


Korakuen Okayama is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan. That, at least this way it is regarded by the Japanese company for many years. Located below the castle of the city, the garden suffered from floods and bombing during the second world war. However, it has been renovated so that it still retains its original luster.

Korakuen is a large garden that incorporates the typical characteristics of the Japanese garden, including a large pond, streams, small roads and a hill that serves as an observatory. Even more surprising, the presence of large lawns. The garden is also home to groves of plum, cherry and maple, tea fields and rice paddies, a shooting range and archery cranes aviary.


One of the “three most famous gardens in Japan” (日本 三名 園), the Kairakuen is located in the city of Mito 120 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. While it is appreciated throughout the year is between February and March it is the most popular, when its some 3,000 plum trees bloom. Its small bamboo forest also attracts nature lovers since its creation in the 17th century.

To get to Kairakuen from Tokyo or Ueno, board the train to the Tokiwa Tomobe Station (66 minutes), then change to a train line until the Mito Kairakuen station (13 minutes).


Adachi Museum of Art is a museum of modern art located in Yasugi, near Matsue in Shimane prefecture. If the exposed collections are interesting, the place is best known throughout the country for its beautiful garden, considered one of the finest of Japan.


Ritsurin Kōen is a garden located in Takamatsu. Built by the local feudal lords during the early Edo period, it is considered one of the finest gardens in Japan. Many Japanese say it deserves a place on the list of “three most beautiful gardens in Japan” along with the Kenrokuen of Kanazawa, the Kairakuen Mito and Korakuen Okayama.

The park, spacious, has numerous ponds, hills, ancient trees and beautiful pavilions distributed in a Japanese style garden in the south and a Western-style garden to the north. Mount Shiun background provides a magnificent overall decor in the garden.

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