When the Trampoline Becomes Design

The project started in 2006. Basically, the “Tent Lounge BeHive” was only a prototype but following many positive reactions, it was improved in order to be marketed.

The Belgian designer Dirk Wynants was inspired by the culture of the Middle East and its teahouses where they settled on mats or cushions to enjoy drinks or smoking a hookah. The Behive recreates this quiet and cozy atmosphere that we would meet each day to relax.

When the Trampoline Becomes Design

But where is hiding the trampoline …

The trampoline is actually the canvas allowing the occupants BeHive to move as they wish … This net is akin to trampolines stretched on multihulls or catamarans. This trampoline is fixed at a central table and is connected to the edges (under the cushions) so to remain tight enough for any number of people installed it.

Moreover, this space of relaxation and sharing is protected with a roof according to the selected option protects U.V., rain… In short, what is great about this concept is that everyone moves as he wants and where he wants it near a cushion around the table… Unfortunately, this item is relatively inaccessible to the public because of its very elevé prices and mostly found in luxury hotels, select clubs, private beaches…

But who knows, maybe one day we can adapt this concept to make it accessible to as many… Meanwhile, we always offer the creation of relaxation area through our residential nets stretched over a vacuum for example.

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