Wattle Fence Ideas


Wattle fencing was first made in England. It used to be woven with willow or hazel branches. However, it can incorporate a variety of twigs, reeds, or branches you find outdoors.

It produces a wonderful organic result and it is definitely an inexpensive option for fencing, garden walls, screens, or even raised bed planters. Here are below one of the best examples.

2 thoughts on “Wattle Fence Ideas”

  1. Nice pictures, interesting picture, but no information…… eg, where to get it, what is it…. so pretty pictures for children?????

  2. This “How To” does not really tell us how to make the wattle fence, only the materials. Does one line up the sideways rails and work the vertical posts through them? Or does one set up posts then weave the horizontal pieces back and forth around the vertical pieces? This is probably trickier than it looks. Some essential how to recommendations are needed.

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