Create Your Windowsill Cactus Collection

Create a great Windowsill Cactus Collection! Get seeds for five fancy species, these colorful characters are loved by collectors and easy enough for beginners. Lots of colors, fancy shapes, showy flowers and tasty fruit.

Create your Windowsill Cactus Collection

  • Golden Barrel (Echinocactus grusonii) 25 seeds
  • Santa Rita (Opuntia violacea) 10 seeds
  • Red Barrel (Ferocactus gracilis) 25 seeds
  • Cactus Apple (Opuntia engelmannii) 25 seeds
  • Goat’s Horn (Astrophystum capricorne) 25 seeds

Grow them outdoors or in a sunny window.. You provide the cactus soil, containers, and sunshine. They provide the seeds.

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