An Artist’s House in Napa Valley California

Built by CCS Architecture for an artist painter and writer, this secondary residence Nappa Valley in California is a haven of peace. Nestled in the countryside of the region, it even has a guest house. Good visit !

An artist house in Napa Valley California

In the green

What better for an artist retreat a large detached house in the green? Quietly, however, the house has all the comforts inside, do not be fooled by appearances!

Chalets spirit

With its wooden structure, this house is halfway between the US and the European ranch cottage.


Between the house and the pool, the architects at CCS have installed a beautiful wooden pergola. Luxury, calm and voluptuousness !

Exposed beams

In the open space that brings kitchen, dining room and living room, we particularly like the beautiful wooden beams that give charm and authenticity to this exceptional place.

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