Architect Turns Dumpster into Family Swimming Pool

Discover how to make a pool without spending a fortune: Dumpster Swimming Pool!

In summer, there is nothing better to cool a pool. The problem is: the pools are very expensive nowadays. And your wallet is not very full at the moment. Fortunately, this man has the solution to your problem.

When we asked the architect what are the motivations that led him to choose a dumpster as a swimming pool, he replies. “I wanted something modern and contemporary in my garden I immediately liked the concept of a hidden dumpster. I love the fact that people ask ‘what is the fiberglass?’ And seeing their surprise with my answer! “

Indeed the unique dimensions of the dumpster (6.7m x 2.1m) make a pool in a quite particular format. Get out your tools!

The architect admits having paid $ 5,000 instead of $ 12,000 for an inground pool manufactured by professionals. He states that his project would have cost much less if he had realized all himself.

Architect Turns Dumpster into Family Swimming Pool

A short video to show you the project in details…

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