Amazing Metal Viking Ship Fire Pit

This handmade fire pit is one of a kind! It’s made of metal and is approx. 40 inches in length and 16 inches wide. There are axes in the shields now and ONE of the 3 horn Viking symbol on the sail as in the second picture. The sail can be custom made with costumers name or logo on it if requested. Buy it here.

Amazing Metal Viking Ship Fire Pit

Check out this amazing Darth Vader Fire Pit for those of you who are big fans of Star Wars! :)

2 thoughts on “Amazing Metal Viking Ship Fire Pit”

  1. Where can I purchase one? If you’re showing it off, you should supply a link to the person who actually makes them.

    1. Sorry, i guess the page hadnt loaded completely, i found the link after i left the comment and couldnt delete it

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